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Front Cover @ ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering

2021, Volume 9, Issue 5
Nanoengineered Electrodes for Biomass-Derived 5-Hydroxymethylfurfural Electrocatalytic Oxidation to 2,5-Furandicarboxylic Acid

D. A. Giannakoudakis, J. C. Colmenares, D. Tsiplakides, and K. S. Triantafyllidis
(DOI: 10.1021/acssuschemeng.0c07480)

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Outside Front Cover @ Green Chemistry:

2020, vol. 22
When sonochemistry meets heterogeneous photocatalysis: designing a sonophotoreactor towards sustainable selective oxidation

Dimitrios A. Giannakoudakis*, Dariusz Łomota and Juan Carlos Colmenares*

This article is part of the themed collection: 2020 Green Chemistry Hot Articles


Outside Front Cover @ JCIS:

2019, Volume 539 
Degradation of endocrine disruptor, bisphenol-A, on an mixed oxidation state manganese oxide/modified graphite oxide composite: A role of carbonaceous phase

H.S. Saroyan, S. Bele, D.A. Giannakoudakis, V.F.Samanidou, T.J. Bandosz, E.A. Deliyanni


Outside Front Cover @ JCIS: 

Barium titanate perovskite nanoparticles as a photoreactive medium for chemical warfare agent detoxification

D. A. Giannakoudakis, F. Pearsall, M. Florent, J. Lombardi, S. O’Brien, T. J. Bandosz